Digital Compatibility Foundation | Services


DCF relies on a strong supplier base which enables it to provide procurement services from a wide range of OEM and service providers, ensuring customer have a very friendly yet best fit for his needs, that includes:
a. Hardware (HP, Dell, Cisco)
b. Software (MS,EMC, Whatsup)


  • Web and Mobile Development:

  • We have enough knowledge and professionalism to make your website a more efficient tool, gives the right impression about your organisation and helps you communicating and marketing, and therefore increases the ROI.

    Our qualified team starts with understanding your business needs and model, to suggest the right services to offer online to make it easier for you and your audience, and then we learn your brand and organisation's personality to design a consistent and up-to-standards interface.

    Having your website easly accessable by smartphones and tablets makes you more attractive to search engines and to over 3 Million smartphone users in Saudi Arabia.

    Trust in our know-how to support you keeping in touch with your customers. From basic mobile version of you website to a complicated interactive applications, our knowlagde covers it all, well.

  • Licensing and Implementation:

  • We license and implement well-known software for all purpases and needs such as (CRM, ERP, HRM, SAP, DMS) from teer one vendors like (Microsoft, Oracle, VMWare, EMC, Cisco) at competitive cost, installed and implemented by our certified engineers.

  • Cabling

    Digital Compatibility helps you focus on your core business competencies by taking off your burden in terms of cumbersome IT operations.

    We perform your entire requisite IT operations-partially or fully, as required by you. We have established capabilities in extending in-house and outsourced support.

    (DCF) also takes care of the work force requirements of its clients by providing resident engineers and professionals who are experts in the required field.